Why you need a video intercom system

Video intercom systems

The use of intercoms started years ago. But technology has taken it to another level. Thanks to this advancement, we now have live video features, hands-free electronic operation, wireless functionality, and so much more.

Video Intercom Systems now play a big role in protecting you, your home, and your assets. Unexpected visits can be frightening.  Imagine a scenario where you have no security system installed in your office or home. And your mind is completely fixed on what you are doing. Then without any notice, an intruder walks into your home or office.

You’ll feel scared or surprised, right? This is where an intercom system comes into play.

So what's a video intercom system?

It’s an intercom system that controls calls made at the entry to a property.  It’s controlled by an audiovisual communication in a building and outside a building. The system let the people inside a building to see or hear anyone outside the door. It helps confirm their identity before they get into the building.

But that’s not the only benefit. Here are some amazing benefits of installing a video intercom system

It reports intruders

If your guest has official business with you, you can let them in by pushing a button. But If not, you can report to a security officer discreetly.

It integrates with other systems

You can integrate video intercom and access control systems with other systems. You can set it up to show images from existing security cameras on the intercom’s monitor.

Also, depending on the location of the cameras. You can use them to monitor your kids as they have fun in the pool or  garden. 

It keeps record

Newer video intercoms can capture, store, and date-stamp images so you can review the footage at any stage to identify visitors or obtain evidence of unauthorized entry.

It helps you to relax

If you want to relax after a stressful day or want to sleep well at night, a video intercom system can help you to do just that. What this means is, you don’t need to worry about unexpected guest, and intruders. All you need do is sleep, it’s that easy!

It is convenient

Installing a video intercom system offers convenience. But not many understand this. For instance, if you need to open a door without being there, all you need to do is give a command to open the door. Also, if you want to see the person is at your gate, just look at the screen display. It will give you an idea even before they identify themselves.

TES Gold Coast provides top quality video intercom systems for security uses. It assures the safety of commercial and residential buildings. It doesn’t matter the size of your facilities, we provide various systems to meet your needs.

Further, our systems allow homeowners to have entry access control. So if you need a reliable security system, TES has it all! We will help you secure your home and office with the best in CCTV and Intercoms systems,

To learn more about how we can help secure your home, click here.