CCTV Security Camera Systems

CCTV Cameras Installation

We have decades of experience installing security systems in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Whether you want a cost-effective solution for home or a premium solution for maximum security, we can configure a system to suit. All our security cameras are high-definition, have night vision and can be viewed from your mobile phone. All deliver on the promise of securing your property. Make sure you speak to us before considering any CCTV installation. We stand by our promise to deliver the best security cameras system for any budget.

All security systems include...

High Definition Cameras

With hi-def cameras you can zoom in to see the details.

Night Vision

See in the dark so you can protect yourself at night.

Motion Record

Motion record or continuous recording.

View On Mobiles

Watch your views stream in real time.

Secure Your Business

Security cameras are an important way to secure your business.   TES  have the experience to install and maintain a security camera system that works faultlessly every time. We are the preferred  cameras installers for a number of Brisbane and Gold Coast companies who require mission critical security structures.  We’ve also installed access control systems for mission critical applications. We can integrate a professional security system.

Secure Your Home

We specialize in providing solutions to help secure your home. When you’re considering your cameras please call us for advise. It’s important that when you choose a system it suits your needs. Some camera systems sold to home owners are little more than a cosmetic appliance. For less than you can purchase a system and arrange installation, we supply and install a genuine high-definition camera system. 

Feature: Paradox Integrated Video Alarm Security System

Smart home alarm, video & access control system

New HD88 cameras combine motion detectors and video camera

Read about this cutting edge technology for home automation and security. 

free quotes for Brisbane & Gold Coast Security Systems

Contact Dallas at TES to arrange a free quote and security assessment.

TES  CCTV security systems for home and business are available with free quotes. Call Dallas to arrange a free quote and security consultation.  There is no obligation on quotes for CCTV security systems.

We will only deliver quality products (including Bosch and Samsung) to our valued customers. TES  will provide a range of prices and systems to suit your home security needs. We choose from the most cost-effective and most reliable products to give you the CCTV systems you need, including Samsung, Bosch, Aiphone and other quality CCTV systems.