About Us

TES Gold Coast have over 30 years experience in data and telecommunications and can deliver on pretty much any project, from connecting an extra data point to installation of integrated security and access control systems.

Some major projects by TES:

Queensland Police & Queensland Ambulance Services

  • Telephone systems
  • Security (CCTV) systems
  • Data cabling

St Hilda’s School

  • PA
  • security system
  • projectors (40-50 projectors installed so far)
  • audio-visual equipment
  • sound system installed in junior gym

St Stephen’s College

  • PA
  • security system
  • CCTV
  • multi-area, multi-access security system
  • monitored smoke/fire and alarm system
  • grandstand PA

Fresenius Kabi

  • Pharmaceutical manafacturering plant
  • High-level access control
  • (interlocked doors, can’t open one door until other closed)
  • CCTV
  • over 140 data points
  • (system critical data includes plant management, air detectors, security)
  • over 6.5kms of cabling

Brisbane and Gold Coast Residential Developments and  Highrise

  • car lift control (first in Brisbane)
  • multi-level access control and intercoms

Riviera Marine

  • access control system
  • security system and CCTV