Gold Coast Pest Inspector

While working on the Gold Coast and Brisbane we get to meet with a lot of other local businesses. Sometimes we’re impressed by the professional way they go about their work and the obvious depth of their knowledge. We recognise fellow professionals who care about their work and are invested in getting the best possible outcomes. One of these is the Gold Coast Pest Inspector.

What Is The Gold Coast Pest Inspector?

Okay, so the title above is a bit ironic. The Gold Coast Pest Inspector is pretty much what it says on the tin. They do pest and termite inspections. And they work on the Gold Coast.  The owner operator there is Richard Eedy. He’s got decades of experience doing pest inspections. He started his own business because he was disappointed in how his profession worked. It wasn’t always in his best interests to give accurate pest inspections. When selling your house you don’t want the guy you commissioned to point out how you’ve got termites in your building. But it wasn’t Richard’s way to bend from the truth. Which is great if you’re wanting accurate and authoritative pest inspections reports. 

Termites, Other Pests and Pest Control

Richard does more than just identify termites. He also does other pests and he does pest control. He’s not hugely into pest control because the industry still relies too heavily on chemicals. There are smarter ways of controlling pests than nuking your house with chemicals. Problem is, many home owners want the house drenched in chemicals so they can be sure all pests are dead. That’s not healthy for the home or for the pest control guy who has to spray chemicals every day. If you want a safer way to control pests in your home, one that understands pest behaviour and uses a sensible amount of organic control agents, then call Richard.