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Property And Security Services

We provide all kinds of construction and building services and we are always glad to resolve nonstandard and unique tasks. We always take challenges and bring them to a conclusion.

Security Cameras

Secure our home with our high-definition security cameras. Backed by best in class NVRs and cameras, our systems bring you affordable security.

CCTV Surveillance

Get a quote for a security camera deployment for you home or business.


Security Alarms

Talk to the guys with decades of experience working with security alarms. We'll configure an alarm system that is efficient at protecting your security.

Alarm Systems

Get a quote for a security alarm system that protects your home or business.


Access Control

Secure business premises use access control to regulate who moves into and out of those premises.

Access Control

Misison critical companies like Fresenius Kabi depend on TES for secure access control systems.


Intercom Systems

From simple front gate intercom to complex residential complex systems, we've done the lot.

Intercom Systems

Get a reliable intercom system. From audio to video and gate opening, we'll get you the right technology.

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Garden Maintenance

We're ready for all yard work. From a simple yard clean to landscaping and yard staging. Selling your home? We're experts are preparing gardens for maximum impact. Want regular garden work? We're the reliable local team.

Garden Staging

The team at TES are expert in this fast growing area. With little to no other experienced operators in this field we're offering a valuable service to Gold Coast home owners.


With a wide range of building experience we can build anything up to $3,300 of value. For larger constructions we work closely with carpenters and other trades to deliver for our clients.

Pergolas Decks...

Our home maintenance experience with decks, pergolars, patios and more, means we build beautiful and strong.

Retaining Walls

The timber retaining wall is still one the most cost effective ways of retaining. For smaller walls concrete blocks provide a great option. Ask us for details of the wall that will suit you best.

Retaining Wall Repairs

Sometimes it's better to fix rather than replace. If you've got an existing retaining wall that is feeling its age, give us a call. Chances are a quote for repair will be less than replacement.

Real Estate Management

Looking for a one-stop crew? That's just. We're alarm specialists, cablers, CCTV installers, and all round handymen. There is very little we can't do for your property.


What we can't do we can get done. Our experience and contacts on the Gold Coast and Brisbane mean we can call on people who can do the job right.


What do customers say about our work?

LOGO TES home maintenance
Highly Recommended
Highly recommend Dallas and crew, highly professional and excellent quality of work. Thanks again
Lachlan O’Grady
LOGO TES home maintenance
Excellent Service
Excellent service and professional approach. A pleasure to deal with from beginning to end. Highly recommended Dallas and crew.
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