Data Cabling and Communications

Data Cabling And Communications

No job is too big or small for TES. Anything from extra phone points to miles of mission critical data cabling in both home and commercial premises.

Home data cabling and telephone

  • Installation of extra phone points around your home.
  • Cabling for home security cameras
  • Cable tidying

When it comes to data cabling in the home, many people think that modern wifi systems can replace it. While that’s true to some extent, when your Netflix buffers or your online gaming lags, you realise there’s nothing like having an ethernet connection to ensure speed and reliability. Data cabling supplied a reliable and consistent data connection between your router and your devices. 

Data cabling will also augment existing wifi solutions. The new mesh wifi technology has greatly improved the ease at which internet can be streamed around homes. Even large multi-story homes can be covered in internet. However, the more hops you add to your network, the slower and less reliable it gets. By adding nodes to your wifi that are directly cabled to the modem you are increasing the speed and reliability of your entire network. 


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Commercial data cabling and telephone

  • Commercial telecom systems and PABX
  • Integration of PABX and VOIP services
  • extension, maintenance and repair of your telecommunications and data network

For commercial enterprises good data cabling is essential. The connected hubs of our office spaces are under increasing demands with the advent of VOIP phones, cloud PABX, wifi systems, digital security cameras, and other devices all connected to the same network. It’s now vital for companies to have professional cabling connected to a comms hub that is organised and methodically presented. 

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TES is an Austel Certified  business. This means we are licenced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority to provided communication services in Australia.

TES are experts in telecommunication and cabling. Our expertise is relied upon to secure residential and highrise developments, school infrastructure and mission critical equipment like the state-of-art access control system we’ve installed at pharmaceutical manufacturers Fresenius Kabi.

Data cabling is integral to any access control or security system, PABX, home office network or SOHO environment. Good cabling is important to secure the future reliability of these systems. Rely on TES Gold Coast for data and telecommunications cabling to form the basis of your telecommunications or security environment. With our experts you will be sure that all your home services that need to be connected to each other are connected to each other.

TES Gold Coast are the preferred data installation and telecommunication installers for some of Gold Coast and Brisbane’s most respected institutions. Please call TES Gold Coast to discuss you data and telecommunication needs.

Data And Telecommunications Installations Services:

  • from single data points to entire telecommunication and data systems
  • integrated systems, with data comms, telecomms and security systems
  • maintenance and troubleshooting experts
  • cabling for security cameras
  • commercial and residential cabling
  • networking computers