Home Smart Security

The Home Smart Kit provides everything the home DIY or retail store will need to secure their premises.


Smart Home Security Kit

  • IP Camera
  • Motion Detection
  • Alarm
  • Smart Sockets


smart home diy security system

Easy To Configure

The whole system is set-up through your smart phone. Install the app, register your account, then hold it in front of the camera. The camera reads your phone and connects to your local wifi system. The entire Home Smart system works through your wifi. Connect up and then configure it through your smart phone. You can already view your camera from anywhere, because you’ve connected your smart phone.



IP Camera

The IP camera is connected to your smart phone as soon as you’ve synced them through the app. You can view the camera from anywhere. You’ll get notifications and alarms straight to your phone.

Motion Detection

The PIR motion detection can alert you when there is movement in your house. This is a much better method of detection when compared with other systems that rely on the camera for motion detection. Professional level security systems use pass infrared (PIR) motion detection.

Smart Sockets

Smart sockets allow you to control appliances in your home from anywhere. You can turn lights on and off, control air-conditioning or anything else you can think of. If it connects to a wall socket it can be controlled by a smart socket.

Extensible Security System

Add reed switches and panic buttons to complete your smart home security system.

reed switch for home smartpanic button for home smart system

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