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For A Safe And Secure Property

Over 20 Years Of Experience

TES Building Services are specialists for the installation, repair and maintainance of intercoms. Servicing Gold Coast & Brisbane homes and businesses, they’re known for the reliable intercom systems. 

Owner/operator Dallas Thistleton can assist you with his years of experience and knowledge of intercoms. Whether you want a basic gate intercom for your home, or video intercom with gate release, or advanced intercom and access control systems for business or education, he’s done the lot.

We provide the best home intercom systems for Brisbane and Gold Coast

Elements Of Our Intercom Systems

Mobile App

Monitor, stream, talk and open doors via your mobile phone.

Record & Store

Your intercom is a defacto security device now it can record visitors.

Hands Free

A quick press on the talk button and then you can chat hands free to your visitor.

Wifi Connectivity

Use standard 2-wire intercom installation and add wifi connectivity.

Flush Mount Keypad

Attractive and easy to use flush mount keypads.

Open Doors

Open doors from your intercom station of via your phone app.

NB: Please note that the availability of some of these features will depend on which system is installed. 

Supply and install all types of Intercoms

Audio Intercoms

For cost effective solution choose from home intercoms. Great for house to gate systems.

Video Intercoms

See who is at your door, communicate with them and let them in, from the comfort of your home.

Door & Gate Locks

Our systems allow for locking and unlocking of your gate from the intercom dashboard.


Give Dallas a call on 0402326389 or contact us via the contact form. You’ll benefit from Dallas’ years of experience and commonsense approach to getting his clients the correct intercom system for their needs. 


Intercom Retro-fit

If you have an older-style home or apartment, TES  can retro-fit a modern and cost-effective intercom for you. Adding an intercom to your existing dwelling can increase security and resale value. Experience the convenience of a modern intercom in your home.

Intercom Repair

Our experience in the industry means we can repair intercoms of pretty much every make and model. Common problems with intercoms relate to cable continuity or resistance problems. As licensed data cablers we’re able to test and repair it ourselves

Expand & Integrate

Do you have an existing system you want to improve on? Depending on make and models, you can often add extra keypads, door locks, video and audio intercoms points. ​Talk to us about what is possible for your existing intercom system.


Our reliable systems are installed in homes and workplaces over Brisbane and the Gold Coast. These include home security at residential complexes and standalone homes. And business intercoms for offices, factories and schools. When dependability matters people turn to TES for their intercom system.  

Past and present clients of TES

Clients trust TES for their integrity and reliability. Whether we’re installing a simple system for the home, or an integrated mission critical access control system for the likes of Fresnius Kabi, we make sure we apply the same attention to detail that ensures years of reliable service.  

Great choose for home intercom systems

TES provides a range of intercoms for homes. Ranging  from budget audio-only up to systems inclusive of video and gate opening (see door entry below), TES systems fit every budget while delivering fantastic quality intercom systems. See who is at your door, communicate with them, and let them in.

Our experience means that we at TES are called on to provide expertise for repair and maintenance for intercoms reguarly, from single station home systems to multi-station systems for real estate complexes, schools, and high-rise. Our experience helps us deliver the best possible system to your home, a reliable system for you and your family.

Specializing in aiphone and dorani

Customers have reported to us the issues they’ve faced trying to find Aiphone and Dorani intercom specialists. TES Building Services have all the experience and knowledge we’ll need to repair, upgrade or maintain your existing Aiphone or Dorani system. Looking for a new Aipone system? Call us, the Aiphone specialists. 


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