Aiphone Gold Coast

Invest in a reliable intercom system Aiphone is a long established company who provides consistently reliable products. Aiphone has been awarded the Most Popular Intercom for the Australian Connected Home Awards for six consecutive years. This a product that we can trust based on their reputation. TES use Aiphone products because they are reliable and there is […]

Data Cabling – Good Cabling Matters

data cabling mess

DATA CABLING — Good cabling matters Imagine your data cabling as the road network that serves your business.  If your server room or data cabinet resembles one of the more infamous spaghetti junction road networks, your data could easily be hampered from travelling at full speed around your network. Much the same experience as you […]

Security alarm repairs

alarm pad security alarm repairs

Security alarm repairs should be a priority to keep your home safe.  One of the best deterrents for break-ins is a working security alarm system. A security alarm that is not working is not keeping your property or family safe. A properly functioning alarm system gives you peace of mind when you are on holiday […]

Gold Coast Pest Inspector

While working on the Gold Coast and Brisbane we get to meet with a lot of other local businesses. Sometimes we’re impressed by the professional way they go about their work and the obvious depth of their knowledge. We recognise fellow professionals who care about their work and are invested in getting the best possible […]

Why you need a video intercom system

Video intercom systems The use of intercoms started years ago. But technology has taken it to another level. Thanks to this advancement, we now have live video features, hands-free electronic operation, wireless functionality, and so much more. Video Intercom Systems now play a big role in protecting you, your home, and your assets. Unexpected visits can be […]

Brisbane Intercom Repairs

[ultimate_heading main_heading="Brisbane Intercom Repairs" heading_tag="h1" spacer="line_only" spacer_position="bottom" line_height="1" line_width="100"][/ultimate_heading][ultimate_heading main_heading="Brisbane Intercom Repairs For Residential, Commercial and Apartments"][/ultimate_heading] TES are Brisbane's most trusted Aiphone agent where we work extensively on projects for residential and commercial clients. For intercom repairs Brisbane need not look past TES as the best and most reliable intercom specialists. We work on [...]

Aiphone Intercoms Brisbane

Aiphone intercoms for safety and security

Aiphone Intercom Systems For Brisbane Residential, Commercial and Apartments. Aiphone have some of the best and most reliable intercoms. Brisbane clients enjoy their ease of use and the ability to install a range of intercom systems. Having video/audio intercoms, audio-only intercoms, intercoms with colour touch screens, and a range of accessories and abilities (such as […]

Security Cameras Brisbane

[ultimate_heading main_heading="Security Cameras Brisbane" spacer="line_only" line_height="1" main_heading_margin="margin-top:20px;margin-bottom:20px;"]For CCTV security cameras, Brisbane can now turn to TES. We deliver CCTV systems to secure your home or business in Brisbane.[/ultimate_heading] When it comes to securing your Brisbane property, security cameras are not only a great deterrent but also a great way to catch the intruders in action. Providing [...]