This camera is indicative of the new range of cameras appearing on the market. Not only does it deliver fantastic high-definition images, which cameras have had for a while now, it also has a range of advanced features you might not expect.


This camera has Smart AI technology

Smart AI technology. Sound impressive but what is it? Smart AI technology includes a range of features that bring technology to the masses that was previously only available in very high-end solutions. Let’s have a look. 

People & Vehicle detection mode

For years we’ve relied on motion detection to tell us when stuff is coming and going through the field of our cameras. That was okay but had many pitfalls. For instance, I have an area that is shrouded by trees. When the wind blows the shadows cause motion almost everywhere. Playing with settings only partly fixed the problem, because the intensity of the sun and wind couldn’t be fully accounted for. I turned off push notifications because of the many false alarms.

With people and vehicle detection mode, you get far more accurate push notifications. Rather than get harrassed every time the wind blows, you’ll get succinct notifications only when a person or vehicle is detected. 

Facial Recognition

The technology starts to get really amazing right here. The Smart AI can recognize faces and use them to log visits or for access control. You can also choose how and when to get notified, based on preset face match criteria. 

With this camera, you’re starting to get Sci-Fi type features in an affordable camera. 

Intelligence Analytics


Draw an invisible line across your camera and get notified when it is crossed. 

Region Entry/Exit

Similar to Tripwire, but in this instance you’ll draw a zone or area. When something enters this zone, you’ll be notified. 

Target Counting

Use a region to count objects that enter or exist. You can use this to count cars or people. 


Have the recorder kick in when something enters a pre-defined area.

Video Exception

be alerted when the camera is moved, tilted, out of focus or obscured.

Starlight sensor

Night vision was great, so long as you didn’t mind grainy black and white images. Newer technologies are reaching down to the consumer level, bringing better clarity and colour into night vision. The Starlight sensor is a version of this, with much improved night vision that has removed the grain from night vision. 

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