Security cameras are only useful if they are working, even if one camera or sensor fails your home can be at risk. Only a reliable security system will protect your home or business from break ins or vandalism. Make sure your security cameras and alarms are functioning properly at all times by contacting Dallas, your preferred security camera repairer for the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Common Security Camera faults

The most common faults we see are:

  • Camera Fault: Complete failure, or condensation. In most cases we can replace cameras that have failed. However for older CCTVs it can sometimes be difficult to find a compatible camera, in situations like this we we might suggest an upgrade rather than a repair
  • Lost Password: We can recover and reset the passwords for most security cameras.
  • Hard Disk Failure: This is common for systems that have been exposed to a lot of dust and heat, and is generally a fairly quick and inexpensive repair.
  • Connection issues with mobile devices. 
  • Cables need replacing
  • Power supply issues

In all these situations we are able to repair your security camera.

When to upgrade or repair your security cameras

The cost of repairs on old CCTV systems can be substantial, sometimes it is more cost effective to update to a new, more reliable system. If this is the case for you, to keep costs down, we can usually keep the old wiring and will only need to update the hardware.

Technology has come a long way in a very short period of time, high definition cameras are better than you can imagine. You can zoom in on the image to see the details. The night vision specifications for the cameras we recommend and install are very high and everything can be seen very clearly on your phone.

Call us for a quote for your Security Camera repairs. We will provide you with a range of solutions that will suit your home or business security needs.

Security Camera Upgrades

Adding extra cameras

This is a common thing for people who have inherited an existing security system or who want to expand on their existing. 

There are always things to consider when adding extra cameras. The main issue will be in what type of cameras are currently installed. If they’re analog cameras then that presents an issue. These days we’re much more likely to install digital cameras. We can look at what options present themselves. Perhaps we can upgrade your recorder to a hybrid (part analog, part digital) system. Perhaps we’ll run a new analog camera to supplement the existing one. You don’t want to go investing too much in out-dated technology though, so this wouldn’t be our preferred option. Where possible, we’ll always want to go digital.

Upgrading existing cameras

As mentioned above, the main hurdle with upgrading cameras are the type of camera you currently have. If they’re analog cameras then we’ll be reluctant to add more analog cameras. As stated above, we don’t see investing in out-dated technology as being a good investment. 

If they’re digital cameras then we have many options. There are still things to consider, like the compatibility of your recorder. But with many systems now adopting the ONVIF standards, we can usually add cameras to existing systems.  (The caveat to that is, older and cheaper systems often don’t support ONVIF.)

If your existing system is half decent then the range of equipment for camera upgrades is nearly endless. Adding cameras of upgrading cameras for better resolution or night vision will have a range of options available.

As a teaser for what the latest generation cameras are capable of, see the video below supplied by Hikvision. Low light and IR capabilities have increased greatly in the last few years.

Upgrading recorders

Often, the need to upgrade a recorder is connected with other issues, like adding or upgrading cameras as mentioned above.

You might also want to take advantage of other capabilities, such as facial or license plate recognition. (This will often require replacing cameras also.)

Sometimes your needs are more simple. Maybe your existing NVR has died, run out of space or will not support the cameras you want to use. 

For all these upgrades contact us at TES. 

the NYX IPB2-722 ANPR with license plate recognition
the NYX IPB2-722 ANPR with license plate recognition