Security alarm repairs should be a priority to keep your home safe. 

One of the best deterrents for break-ins is a working security alarm system.

A security alarm that is not working is not keeping your property or family safe. A properly functioning alarm system gives you peace of mind when you are on holiday or even at work, as most burglaries happen during the day when people are at work or school. 

A home without a home security system is far more likely to be broken into than a home with a security system. Many thieves will avoid yards with alarm signs in them, even if they’re not sure the home is actually alarmed. Our advice is to ensure your security alarm system is in good working order by upgrading or repairing your security system as a priority. 

Why do I need a security alarm repair?

If you have false alarms

Repeated false alarms are not only annoying for you and your neighbours they also impact on the usefulness of your alarm system. Potential burglars are also aware of problematic alarms too.

Keypad problems

Problems with with keypads and programming of keypads also impact on the usefulness of a security system. If you can't use your keypad you can't rely on your security system to work properly.


Motion detectors on cheaper security alarms systems can be easily triggered, or not triggered at all by motion. Both these situations can be problematic and will require a experienced technician to repair the alarm system

If you are not sure whether your security system is working properly now is the time to contact TES Gold Coast for a routine maintenance inspection. We will identify any problems or repairs that may be required to your security alarm system.  

Sometimes it is not practical to repair a security alarm system. If they are old, the software may no longer be compatible with the equipment. This is especially true if you need to add a new motion detector to your system. In instances like this we would recommend upgrades. 

Other benefits of repairing your security alarm system

Some insurance companies offer discounts on home contents policies to customers who have working alarm systems. Alliance, for instance, offers discounts on home contents policies to their customers ‎that voluntarily install a back to base alarm. ‎

Consult your insurance company to see if you can benefit from premium discounts for a working security alarm. Even is your insurance company does not offer discounts it is important that your security alarm is in good working order to act as effective deterrent against thieves and burglars.