We’ve been working on some industrial projects recently,providing security cameras and access control on new worksites. Something that has interest me during this work is the work done for environmental compliance. Compliance is an important part of what we do when it comes to your security you have to know that your system is fully compliant with all the latest practices full stop kit is very important for us as security providers to know that we have all the relevant tickets next rooms necessary to provide the best possible security. Not compliance take many forms and it would appear that environmental compliance is a very important part of the modern world.

Silt Curtains

On one site we were visiting recently they had machinery excavating near a waterway. As part of their compliance they had to capture the dirt and silt they produced and prevent it from entering that waterway. For this they had installed silk curtains to capture that silt. It was impressive to see how much dirt it came off into the water and how all of it was contained within that silt curtain. Just as we take pride in the work we do it’s great to see other Experts in their field taking such great care especially when it comes to our environment.

Bunding And Spill Kits

We spoke to these guys and found that they do all manner of environmental compliance work. They also install bunding. Bunding are the small ramps you see in areas where bills can occur. They stop those spills from progressing into our environment. They also consulted and sold spill kits. Spill kits are very important in all areas these days. If you have a spill it is vital that you can clean it up. There are significant risk environment and also legal risk if you do not. Anyway we just thought would mention this company as they seem to be doing great work and it was inspiring to see the care that goes into looking after our environment these days
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