Paradox One

Integrated Video Alarm Security System

Paradox brings cutting edge smart home technology and security together in an obtainable package. Available to new installations and integrated with existing HD Connected devices. 

Complete Control Over Your Security System

Paradox One is a system that integrates each element of your home security into one elegant solution. From opening your garage door, to the motion detectors and alarm, and the high-definition cameras, this is One system for everything. With a clever application of new technology, these systems are going to provide next-level home automation and security.

Paradox HD Series: Combined Motion Detector & Camera

The HD series cameras are a stand-out feature of this system. They combine a Paradox PIR (passive infra-red detector) with a security camera. This camera can be part of a new installation or integrated into an existing Paradox solution. When it detects motion it will stream high-definition images across the internet. This means you can check what caused that detection in real time. 

Key Features: 

Insight Gold Mobile Application For HD Connected Devices

With Paradox One push notifications you get real-time messages pushed directly to your phone.  You can be notified when there is movement, or someone disarms the alarm, and then you can review and record live footage. 

The Paradox One is bringing to the consumer the best fully-integrated smart home security system. All applications are available from the touch of a button on your smart phone, meaning you have full control over your security no matter where you are. By combining CCTV, Alarm,and  Access Control into on application they are making modern home automation and security attainable for all homes and businesses.

A Complete Smart Home Security System

The Paradox One system combines all the elements of traditional and modern connected security systems. With a range of detectors that include wireless and wired movement detectors, reed switches, tilt sensors and smoke alarms, they have every part of your home protected. 

We still haven’t listed all the components of this system, such as garage remotes and medical pendants. For more information about this incredible inter-connected smart home security system please contact us. 

Smoke detectors make up part of this Paradox system. Be aware that Queensland legislation surrounding smoke alarms has changed. For more information see this smoke alarm information

Complete control at your fingertips...

Paradox connected devices can be integrated into existing installations or new security set-up. For more information about how you can access this cutting edge security technology please contact us.
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