Protect your home and family

with our Home standard security pack

The Home Standard Security Pack

4 High Definition Security Cameras
We’re a small family-owned security company who have selected this system to protect our homes. We only deal direct with our clients. This system reflects their needs for home security in a functional and affordable package.
Normally $2,200

Now $1,800 inc GST fully installed.

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Your family deserves the protection from a carefully planned and efficient security camera system. With an easy remote access phone app and long recording times, you can access live and historical feeds any time you want.

Functional & Reliable

Digital Video Recorder

Records weeks of vision with our commercial class NVR.

High Definition

See what you need to see with high-def cameras.

Tamper Proof

Vandal proof dome cameras ensure you’re always recording.


Amazing nightvision with our Starlight series cameras. 

Ease Of Use

Easy to watch live and retrieve recordings.

All Phones

iPhone and Android compatible apps for every phone.

As accredited security consultants and installers we’re best placed to help you secure your family home. We’ve dealt with local families for decades. By understanding their concerns we can deliver unmatched security.

Because we put our name behind our products, you’ll know that what you get is first rate. The parts in our Home Standard Security Package have been chosen for representing great value within this sector.

Protect your family today by calling Dallas on 0402 326 389, or enter your details into the form on this page. We’re happy to discuss your concerns and suggest the best value security system for your needs.

What You Need To Know

We use high-definition Starlight series cameras. Known for superior night vision as well as great daytime recording, these cameras are our favourite go to for quality and value.

With the latest H265+ compression built it, and optional motion detection recording, you can record weeks and weeks of vision. The total amount will depend on what options you choose and can vary from 

Our recording systems come with a compatible phone app that allows you to watch from anywhere. Simply open the app, click on the camera and hey presto you’re live!

If there is something you want from a security camera system that isn’t included in our package, just ask us and we’ll prepare a free quote for you. 

If you’re ready to proect your home and family then the Home Standard Security Pack is for you. On sale for a short time only, now is the time to get the security you need. For free site assessment and quote you can contact us today. Fill in the details below to secure yourself a spot and we’ll be in contact to arrange your free consultation.

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